About Kim

Kim offers a holistic approach to counselling for individuals, families and groups, helping you access your potential for positive change.

I have been working for many years with people across the life cycle of birth to death since beginning as a Kindergartner in my 20’s.

I’ve had stints in the world of retail (sales and managing small business) and hospitality (food and beverage) as well as welfare (Social Work) and education( early childhood teaching). Working with different ages, cultural, and socio-economic groups has provided great learning and also a strong foundation for working with people.

I’ve always had a passion for play, colour, movement, patterns and the need to understand why? This has been accompanied by a natural curiosity in people and why they are who they are; their histories and their family stories. I  hold a strong sense of what children need to grow into healthy adults and what adults need in order to remain healthy.

I believe that as human beings we are body, soul and spirit. Health is not only about the physical body but also in relation to our thinking, feeling and sense of connection to spirit-whatever that may be for each of us as individuals. Time exploring a number of philosophies/religions has enabled me to understand the importance of  belief systems in our lives.

We each have a unique belief system and values. These are not always reflected in society in the way we wish and this can be the cause of angst within us. We may also find, after some self -exploration, that our own beliefs and values are incongruent with how we live our lives. i.e.we don’t’ walk our talk! We develop “our data base of beliefs and values” through not only our lived experiences but also those we have been given early in our lives by significant others, such as our parents. They do not always continue to serve us throughout our lives, there’s a “use-by” date. We need to reflect on, review, and discard that which is no longer useful in a conscious manner.

I’ve learnt many things over time that I’m able to share with you on your journey. Underlying my knowledge and skills is a deep respect for each person’s journey, and their desire to steer their own life in order to reflect their beliefs and values.