What to Expect

Art Therapy clay

Kim will accompany you as you journey into your experiences offering a safe and nurturing environment in which to explore. What occurs in the session is kept in confidence .

Kim abides by the principles of “Duty of Care” and when there is a sense of risk involved there would then be a discussion as to who the information is shared with in order to provide adequate support for you.

Sessions are one to one and a half hours in duration and Kim recommends a commitment to 4-6 sessions as a beginning.

Counselling is about developing a relationship with the other, feeling safe enough to explore and trusting that your exploration is respected. And this takes time. There is a bit of a dance which occurs in the process of getting to know you and then establishing what it is that is at the heart of your challenges. It may be simple and straightforward but it may also be that what you believe is going on is actually masking something entirely different.

“the art process is intuitive, labyrinthine, and welcoming of uncertainties, risks, and dark places.”

Trust is at the heart of the relationship. “ When we are truly present with one another and open to whatever needs to be expressed, this pervasive sense of safety and even sacredness can emerge.” P.29 Mc Niff, Shaun (2004) Art heals: how creativity cures the soul

Our emotions are great tools to illuminate our experiences and the psyche works to protect us when the experiences are unable to be understood. They file the experience and its accompanying emotions in the unconscious until we are ready to work on understanding and gaining meaning.

New skills are developed in the therapeutic relationship to enable the client to focus on self and turn the unconscious to conscious. The client feels no judgement but companionship and support.

Kim works alongside her clients to assist them to connect with their inner knowing, helping to understand and find meaning in their experiences. Once there is understanding then there is also choice. The answers are always within!


The work with children is different although the basis of relationship is of utmost importance- without it there is little achieved. Children learn through play and work out their challenges in this manner. Kim provides a safe environment for the child to explore their world through play. The child gains a sense of control and the feeling as with an adult that there is no judgement or ulterior motive but support and nurture. The child gains by being present to them.The work is informed often by theories of attachment.